We are careful about whom we select to serve in our schools, so we want our staff to enjoy their time in China and stay with us a long, long time. Currently, on average, our teachers stay with us about three years, and some as long as a decade. When our teachers encounter a situation our in-school cultural assistants can’t handle, the International Management Team is there to provide additional support. As you can imagine, cross-culture living requires flexibility, and on occasion, a helping hand from someone who understands both cultures.
Cultural assistant will be one of the English teachers in the school, whose role is to assist the foreign teacher with any difficulties they may have while here. The help from a cultural assistant will cover cultural shock, working, living, etc.
(The cultural assistant: They are your co-workers and your close friends!)

When a teacher signs a Golden Apple contract, he or she is signing a contract for an international company, not a local school. This is a significant benefit to our teachers. Those horror stories you might have heard about someone getting ripped off or landing in jail by signing with a local school somewhere won’t happen with us. We know the ropes for handling immigration processes and getting teachers their expert’s licenses; in fact, we handle all of that for our teachers, at no expense.

While with us, teachers (whether domestic or foreign) receive monthly training to assist in various areas of career development. We don’t simply toss a teacher with a book or two into a classroom. Additionally, all teachers are encouraged to take time out of their teaching schedule monthly to observe other more experienced teachers; this helps speed the maturation process for new teachers and gives our experienced teachers a chance to share their knowledge with others in an informal setting. It’s a win-win situation.

In a normal situation, overseas teachers solve accommodation problems by themselves, Golden Apple will then provide an accommodation stipend.
If the overseas teacher requires the school to arrange accommodation, they shall not receive the accommodation stipend.
Most schools cannot afford to give fantastic accommodation, but will at least guarantee it is clean and give the essential items such as bedding, TV, washing machine etc.

Kinds of activities will be held by the company to make all the foreign employees feel home. Foreign teachers will be invited to participate the New Year Party with all the Golden Apple principals at the end of the year. Usually, there is a special Teacher’s Day activity for them to gather together and communicate with all the other overseas teachers. It is not surprised to receive a little gift from your school at Christmas time. We will try our best to make you feel that you are one of us!