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One of the unique things to appreciate about Golden Apple is its International Management Team. Unlike other companies hiring teachers in China, we have some experienced expats at the helm directing recruitment, management, training and curriculum development.

Our goal at Golden Apple isn’t simply to insert English teachers into classrooms, but to build cultural awareness and exchange. Hiring foreign teachers is an important strategy in reaching this goal, so we hope you are who we are looking for. You’ve made it this far; we hope we are the company you were looking for.
As of this writing, there are totally 30 Golden Apple Kindergartens in Chengdu up and running, a few schools outside Chengdu soon to follow. With nearly twenty years of experience running kindergartens, the Golden Apple brand is famous in Chengdu and receives high marks from parents and government agencies alike. Each school has one foreign teacher attached to it, a few of the schools have as many as 11. It’s easy to see that among Golden Apple teachers, we nearly have a community of our own. Managing nearly over forty teachers is no small task but is facilitated by local school principals, office personnel, district managers, and the director. As you can see, you would not be "alone."