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Partnership - Domestic projects

Golden Apple preschool education group is chosen as an “internship base” all year round by graduates from Southwest University, Chongqing Normal University, Sichuan Normal University, Sichuan Preschool Educators college, South Sichuan College for Preschool Education and more.

Since its establishment in 2005, Longjiang Road primary school (south district) has joined one of the seven “Joyful Education” research schools in China.

Online course cooperation with Hong Kong Wiseman education and Longjiang Road primary school, focusing on several disciplines such as teaching methods for the online course “Panda & Friends” and after-class instruction.

Golden Apple Primary School is the National Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance core school and subject research unit of Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance.

Golden Apple Primary School is the base of the national cheer leading team, which was designated by the national cheer leading committee.

As the base of “China Good Teacher Action Plan”, Golden Apple Primary School is dedicated to carrying out teachers’ professional development activities such as teaching in minority areas and co-operation between schools.

Golden Apple Primary School cooperates with the , with whom we have regularly worked on the exchange of educational concepts, also, we have had several articles published on .

Educational news reports, children’s cultural art events reports, international and domestic child exchange events etc. are developed due to the cooperation between Golden Apple Primary School and Chengdu TV children’s channel.

A series of events such as campus activities, reading activities, writers in campus activities, “Sun Star Charity Activity” etc. were launched with Winshare and Golden Apple Primary School.

Partnership - International projects

Golden Apple International Preschool and Kindergarten and Golden Apple Tianfu International Preschool and Kindergarten are both PYP schools authorized by IBO International Baccalaureate Organization.

Golden Apple Preschool Education Group focuses on creating Golden Apple’s second brand “Fairy Tale Style Forest Kindergarten” by collaborating with VIA University of Denmark.

Golden Apple Preschool Education Group collaborates “Enhancement course for future leadership in Golden Apple” with San Francisco State University. Exemplary students each year are selected to attend the course in the USA, since the program began in 2013.

During Summer break in 2010, teachers and students at Chengdu Longjiang Road Primary School (south district) were invited by Northwest International Student Exchange, Inc. to attend an exchange program for ten days in USA. The exchange program continues today.

Golden Apple Primary School is a member unit of BJUNESCO, and a number of international exchange activities were carried out such as, international children’s exchange camp, international teenager painting competition, international sports and dance competition, UNESCO volunteer activities etc.

Golden Apple Primary School cooperates with Australia Era Publisher, we import the Era English picture book as elective curriculum and Chinese-Australian exchange visits are developed, such as exchange programs in which our teachers visit Australia and Australian experts come to Golden Apple Schools for education training etc.

Golden Apple Primary School works with Pearson Education Group which English teaching and teachers’ training activities are developed. It includes the Pearson education series of English textbooks and featured English curriculums. We invite experts to carry out English teachers’ professional training in Golden Apple Primary School, as well as our English teachers attend Pearson education academic exchange in Hong Kong etc.