Our leading team, consist of experts from all over the world, they are united, professional and knowledgeable. With their guidance, the company is capable of taking a leading role in the industry and seeking to go beyond ourselves.
Under the leadership of our principal and director who have abundant educational and management experience, the scientific educational management system and the systematic operation procedure are ensured.
Our leading team has visited USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan etc. for educational exchange and further study more than once, therefore the team has absorbed more international thoughts.

Education experts from east china normal university, huazhong normal university, south china normal university etc., specialists from USA, UK, Canada, Singapore and new Zealand, as well as professional consultants in middle and primary school education, early childhood education, art education and English education from Hong Kong and Taiwan which facilitate our academic development towards a higher level.

All of our foreign teacher are native English speakers from North America and Europe, and certified as foreign experts by the state administration of foreign experts affairs, the P.R.C
Our virtuous, knowledgeable and energetic teachers in elementary school provide children with quality-oriented education based on their own aptitude.
Our “caring, patient, meticulous, attentive and responsible” teachers each have their own specialty and each can effectively develop children’s eight intelligences through personalized quality education.
Each art class is given by a professional art teacher with d definite object.
Our professional healthcare teams, consisting of certified doctors, have successfully built a scientific healthcare system based on long-term practice and verification.
Our well-trained and professional logistic staffs dedicate themselves to guaranteeing the healthy development of children.