As the guideline for National Education Reform and Development was issued in 1993, meanwhile, Golden Apple Education lighted their first fire – the official opening for Golden Apple Music Healthcare and Arts Kindergarten (today’s Golden Apple International Kindergarten Boarding Center).

Golden Apple grew in the era of Chinese early childhood education revolution, practicing their education concept which indicates that early education plays a vital role throughout a person’s life. It laid a solid foundation for rapidly development of Golden Apple Preschool Education.

in 1998, the establishment of Golden Apple Zongnan International Kindergarten (today’s Golden Apple New Montessori Kindergarten) has marked the first expansion of Golden Apple’s education industry. Two years later, in 2000, Golden Apple Eldo International Kindergarten and Golden Apple International American-English Kindergarten were founded. At the same year, Golden Apple has passed ISO9001 quality certification as first ever in the preschool education industry in China. Since then, the development history of Golden Apple Preschool Education has turned into a brand new page, which we earned both good reputation and popularity, but also we opened a new field for the development of new century.

Marked by the implementation of Apollo 1 program, Golden Apple Preschool Education has made a clear strategic objective, which mentioned "struggle for 30 years in order to complete the elite education system". During the year 2002 to 2010, over 13 new kindergartens and Golden Apple Mother and Baby Multiple Intelligence Education Center had joined the big family of Golden Apple. Besides, the establishments of Longjiang Road Primary School (southern district) and Golden Apple School has partly completed school system by integrating our kindergarten and primary school, achieving seamless connections between kindergarten and primary school.

In the new decade, the strategic focuses on “Blueprint Projects Ⅰand Ⅱ”and “future people plan”, based on standardization and information construction, locating overall strategy to the path of international development. We, Golden Apple, believe that the blueprint we draw today will lay the foundation for Golden Apple elite education.